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Montereal Ash Black Faux Linen Sofa + Loveseat

Product Code : F7447+F7446

Category : Fabric Sofa Sets

Montereal Ask Black Faux Linen Sofa
85"L x 34"W x 34"H
Multi-Circular Pattern Ottoman in Earthy Tones
38" x 26" x 19"H (Material Polyester)
Package Deal: Montereal Ask Black Faux Linen Sofa + Loveseat
(F7447 + F7446)
Article Description

Welcome home the comfort and versatile function of the Montereal Living Room Collection. This collection comes with multiple furniture pieces that combine together to make different arrangements that are both convenient and fun to put together. The Montereal collection comes with a chaise, sofa, and loveseat that helps create either a small sectional sofa, an over-sized sectional sofa, just the sofa on its own, the loveseat on its own or a comfortable chaise to rest in. This collection lets your inner creative run lose and helps you create that comfortable space you have always wanted to cultivate.

Transform your living room space into a sanctuary of relaxation and comfort. The Montereal Sofa can up to three people while the loveseat, smaller but equally comfortable, seats up to two people. Weather you have a small room or a big one, this collections gives you the flexibility to arrange and match each piece to accommodate to your needs.

Faux Linen

Ash Black

Sofa comes with 3 accent pillows and Loveseat comes with 2 accent pillows.

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