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Modern Style Tabletop Fireplace

Product Code : AC-SUNSET

Category : Fireplace

Gloss Black Modern Tabletop Fireplace
Matte Black Modern Tabletop Fireplace
(AC-SUNSET(Matte Black))
Stainless Steel Modern Tabletop Fireplace
Eco-Feu Bio Ethanol 4 Cans (3.78 L each)
Article Description
Things Are Heating Up. Set the right ambience, indoors or out, for a long intimate chat, dinner or night-in. The Sunset Table Top Fireplace transforms the traditional fireplace into a modern accent piece with a clean, minimalist design that works most modern décor styles. The base is constructed from stainless steel coated in a gloss black finish. Transparent panels of toughened, heat-resistant tempered glass enable the flame to dance dramatically in free, uninhibited space. Standing little over 6” and weighing under 11lbs, the easily portable Sunset Table Top Fireplace is perfect indoors or out and can be installed in 15 minutes.

Note: Eco-Feu Bio-Ethanol is clean a burning fuel that eliminates unpleasant smoke and residue resulting from traditional coal and wood fires. To ensure longevity of product’s usage, use only with Eco-Feu Bio-Ethanol fuel, which is formulated especially for use in the Sunset Table Top Fireplace. Fuel purchased separately.

Key Features:
  • Modern Style

  • heat-resistant tempered glass

  • Standing little over 6”

  • Fuel purchased separately.

  • Material:
    Tempered Glass, Metal

    Available in Gloss Black, Matte Black and Stainless Steel

    10-7/8"L x 9-5/8"D x 6-5/16"H

    Set Includes:
    1 Fireplace

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