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Built-in Wall Mount Modern Fireplace

Product Code : AC-MONTREAL

Category : Fireplace

Matte Black Built-In Wall Mounted Fireplace
Matte Black w/ Interior Stainless Built-In Wall Mounted Fireplace
Gloss White w/ Interior Stainless Built-In Wall Mounted Fireplace
Stainless w/ Interior Stainless Built-In Wall Mounted Fireplace
Eco-Feu Bio Ethanol 4 Cans (3.78 L each)
Article Description
Things Are Heating Up. Set the right ambience for a long intimate chat, dinner or night-in. The Montreal Wall Mounted Fireplace is constructed in stainless steel with a matte black contrast finish. This streamlined, minimalistic accent piece easily adapts to and updates most modern décor and architectural styles. A self-contained, patent-pending air circulation design is integrated into the unit to accelerate heat output and prevent overheating. Use the attached dimmer handle to control the intensity of the flame.

Note: Eco-Feu Bio-Ethanol is clean a burning fuel that eliminates unpleasant smoke and residue resulting from traditional coal and wood fires. To ensure longevity of product’s usage, use only with Eco-Feu Bio-Ethanol fuel, which is formulated especially for use in the Montreal Wall Mounted Fireplace. Fuel purchased separately.

Key Features:
  • Perfect for any contemporary home

  • Minimalistic accent piece

  • Perfect ambiance for a long intimate chat, dinner or night-in

  • Fuel purchased separately.

  • Material:
    Stainless Steel

    Available in Matte Black,Matte Black w/ Interior Stainless,Gloss White w/ Interior Stainless and Stainless w/ Interior Stainless

    41-3/4"L x 7-7/8"D x 22-7/8"H

    Set Includes:
    1 Wall Fireplace

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